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Vallentuna HK F/T05 (2005)

Registration number: 1050
Registrator: Mikael Wahlgren Log in
Primary shirt color: Red
Secondary shirt color: White
Leader: Mikael Wahlgren 760625
John Eriksson 740422
Jasmine Kirotar 990829
Jazmine Mc Intosh 990520
Patrik Wild 720425
Louise Bonander 990815
Malin Grandert 790511
7:th place in Slutspel A
In addition to Vallentuna HK, 8 other teams played in Girls 05 (F/T2005). They were divided into 2 different groups, whereof Vallentuna HK could be found in Group B together with Cocks, Kungsängens SK 1, Dicken and ÅIFK.

5 games played


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