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Hammarby IF HF P06 (P2006)

Registration number: 1034
Registrator: Michael Ringström Log in
Primary shirt color: Vihreä
Leader: Louise Lagerdahl 19691016
Roffe Pettersson 19600113
Karl Värja 19720603
Anna Cobdal 19770804
Michael Ringström 19690120
Adis 18781116
Conny Zander 19660527
Anna-Clara Englund 19720710
Camilla Ruisiniemi 19760429
Nina Strandberg 19720219
Pelle Strandberg 19740409
Daniel Arvidsson 19730704
Hammarby IF HF was one of 10 clubs from Sweden that had teams playing during Viking cup 2019. They participated with one team in Boys 06 (P2006).

In addition to Hammarby IF HF, 6 other teams played in Boys 06 (P2006).

Hammarby comes from Stockholm which lies approximately 260 km from Pargas, where Viking cup takes place. The area around Stockholm does also provide six additional clubs participating during Viking cup 2019 (Lidingö sk, Kungsängens SK, Vallentuna HK, Årsta AIK, Täby Handboll or Hammarby Handboll).

6 games played


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