Dicken P05 (P2005)

Registration number: 1019
Registrator: Peter Sandin Log in
Primary shirt color: Punainen
Leader: Peter Sandin
Conny Hallerskog
Ville suomela
Third place and the bronze medal of Slutspel A
2:nd highest goal count per match among the teams in P05 (P2005) (13.0)
2:nd highest goal count among the teams in P05 (P2005) (65)
In addition to Dicken, 3 other teams played in Boys 05 (P2005).

Dicken also participated in Boys 05 (P2005) during Viking cup 2019. They won Slutspel A, after beating Täby Handboll in the final with 22-18.

5 games played


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